A wanderer finding her way home.

You never know how God works sometimes.Students at Greek Conference

Every year I have students make a list of the top ten people they think would never come to a weekend conference. Libby showed up on two women’s lists.

But we prayed for that list back in October, including Libby. Libby had several friends in Greek-IV, but also some very complicated relationships as well. She had a very difficult past, and has experienced many things that women her age simply shouldn’t have had to endure. But after a few conversations with Ryan, Libby agreed to come to Greek Conference.

It was Saturday during the General Session where it hit. Libby felt very uncomfortable with some of the remarks that were said from the front, and stormed out of the general session and out of the hotel and was wandering around downtown Indianapolis by herself.

Ryan came to me, and it was written all over his face. He just didn’t know what to do, and he was dejected. He told me what happened, and I didn’t know what to do either. So, I did what I do when I run out of answers. “Well, maybe we should pray. My friend Kristina is really gifted in praying for others. Let’s see what happens.”

So Ryan, myself, and two other women prayed for Libby after lunch. The students had never experienced anything like that before – they prayed with real tears, and it was clear that the Holy Spirit was present and revealing things to these students that they had never experienced before. We prayed for Libby.

Throughout the rest of the day, things began to change for Libby. She’d never experienced peace like she had after she went back to her room after her jaunt through downtown Indy. While she still had lots of questions about God, she wasn’t questioning the experience she was having. It was a peace that had eluded her for years – not since she was a little girl did she feel this amazing presence of peace. It was simply unexplainable.

That night, Libby told her sorority sisters she wanted to be considered a Christian. Libby is still looking for the peace, but is finding it in the truth of God’s Word as she reads the psalms and is consoled by the honesty of the people of God. It was something she was looking for, and it was her friends that helped bring her to Jesus.

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