Campus Celebrity Connecting with his Culture.

-)Meet Sammy. We started meeting weekly last year, and shortly after we started meeting I realized that this kid had it. Sammy is a natural mover and shaker, and will meet anyone on campus. We had to move our weekly discipleship appointments to a place where we wouldn’t be distracted and I could bring this campus celebrity out of the spotlight. He first connected with InterVarsity through House on the Rock, our black campus ministry, but when the opportunity came to lead La Fe, he jumped at the desire. Sammy grew up in South Florida and has a Haitian mother and white father.

Hmmm…Wisconsin farm kid and Miami city boy. It has been interesting, to say the least. But as we’ve grown together, it’s been a privilege for me to walk with Sammy through different phases in life. He’s seen great success in ministry. He’s faithfully led our La Fe ministry, and God has grown the ministry and brought faithful and enthusiastic freshmen. At our recent Winterfest conference, Sammy led the entire large group in “body worship” and the La Fe students were very excited to be a part of it.

But Sammy doesn’t always succeed. He deeply desires to become a doctor who serves the marginalized in Haiti. He wants to get his grades up in order to get into medical school so he can be part of advancing God’s Kingdom in one of the most forgotten places in the world. Please pray for him – he continues to bless the campus, and wants to be a blessing to many others for the course of his life.

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