Reflections on Study

I’m on break from a class I’m taking on the New Testament Gospels – but I wanted to get a few thoughts down before I forget them and I enter food coma.

  • It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to learn.  To have the resources to study and learn is something I to often take for granted.  We have millions of books and probably billions of papers and so on and so forth.  But rarely do I give thanks for the opportunities that I should.
  • The gospels are amazing pieces of literature, at minimum.  We’ve studied the first four chapters of Matthew, and begun to look at some of the critical methods used as we ourselves are studying the text.
  • I could study the Bible with InterVarsity staff any day and that would make it a good day.  Being in a room with students of the Scriptures is, well, just simply amazing.
  • Study is one of the main ways I worship – where I am reminded who God is, and respond in obedience.  It’s much more fashionable to think of worship in the evangelical subculture as wonderful music, and at one phase of my life I really connected with God in that realm.  I still sometimes do.  But I sense I’m in a season of life where the still small voice of God comes not through a suped up sound system, but with pens an a copy of the Scriptures.

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