Shameless Celebration

Surprising to some, there are days where I wonder why I do what I do. The discipline of celebration is one that I actually have had to work at. If you know my family, you know why. I’ve been reflecting on this last academic year – on what I’m able to celebrate.

It’s a story of one student, but it’s a story three years in the making. You can read it online here, but I’m so proud of Ryan. Right now he is in Uganda with a handful of InterVarsity at Northwestern Students living among the poor in Uganda. I’m so proud of them. Here is a brief thought from one of them:

“it’s also extremely frustrating to see so much need, but realize that i can do nothing with my limited resources, time, knowledge and experience. it has been humbling and heart-wrenching to come to grips with this fact, and i constantly wish i could do more or bring more. i’m sure this will continue to be an issue i have to deal with throughout my time here and even upon returning back home…[pray for] peace in dealing with the fact that i can’t absolve all the need in the world”

This is why I do what I do.

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