Why me?

Most of you know this, but my brother Josh is also on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  In a matter of 36 hours, his first child, David Judah, entered this world, and one of his spiritual sons, Mike Chaloupka, left this world to be with his King.  Mike came on staff with InterVarsity this summer, and was staffing a new student outreach event when he was tragically hit by a car while crossing the street.

That’s just not fair.

And guess who was scheduled to speak at the UW-Whitewater InterVarsity chapter this week?


Why God?

Unfortunately, I have more experience in this area than I’d rather have.  Three years ago I had to navigate mourning the death of an InterVarsity student who I discipled at Northwestern.  Standing in front of a crowd of students and inviting them to mourn is one of the most difficult things to do.

Going inside, doing the hard work of mourning his tragic death was even more difficult.

A year ago, I was the first person to speak in the pulpit after the pastor of my church left after 26 years.  “Big shoes to fill” was an understatement.  And the church was in mourning of his departure, and here I am, this young punk, trying to speak in front of a congregation that has lost the one who has led them in mourning for 26 years.

I don’t understand why God calls me to such messy situations sometimes.  They just make me tired.

But I know what it means to be faithful, and sometimes showing up and speaking the truth from God’s Word is what that means.

Pray for Mike’s family and friends as they mourn.  Pray for me as I try to show them how Jesus mourned the death of his best friend tonight.

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