Please Pray: Grandma Lois

Most of you who know me know you can’t talk with me for more than 10 minutes without me talking about my family.  While we certainly aren’t perfect, I feel very blessed.

But today was a hard day.

I visited my Grandma Lois today as she’s been having some health problems.  The doctors discovered an internal growth, and she will be having a biopsy on it on Wednesday to determine if it is cancerous.

Grandma Lois could win an award for the sweetest woman on the planet.  As I sat with her today, I had to fight back tears.  We spoke of several things – and I got the sense that I was speaking with one who was ready for her next stage in life – death.  Sitting in her curlers, holding her hand, I just couldn’t help but look in her eyes and be so grateful to her for being the matriarch of my family.

It takes a lot of courage to be a matriarch in my family. And Grandma Lois is certainly a strong woman – anyone who can raise five children and be the wife of my pastor/engineer grandfather should win multiple awards.

Grandma Lois is my last living grandmother.  We lost Great-Grandma Meriel in 1999, and Grandma Kathryn in 2002.  I’m so sad to think that the days of having a grandmother are coming to an end.

I simply don’t know who I would be without such amazing women in my life.

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