Funny quotes from the Bilhorn Family Thanksgiving

From my sister-in-law, Anna:

Anna: Andy, I thought of you the other day.

Andy: Really? Why?

Anna: Caleb [my nearly 2-year-old nephew] said his first three word sentence.

Andy: Oh really?  What was that?

Anna: Mommy, I poo.

Grandpa Mer sharing stories of being at Schurz High School when his Dad (Great-Grandpa John Chester) was his principal.  Jeremy (my brother) has just become a principal in his high school this year.

Mer: It was hard having my Dad as a principal.  Most teachers didn’t want to rock the boat with Dad, but one did – Dad assigned her husband to a different district and she took it out on me by giving me my only “B.”

Jeremy: That’s sad.

Mer: Well, there were certain benefits.  We would buy 10 bottles of milk with a dime – Clem [his brother] and I.  And we’d split five bottles of milk each with five sandwiches at lunch.  Then we’d stack the bottles real carefully on the end of the table, and as the last one walked out would kick the leg of the table and the bottles would go crashing down.

Jeremy: Grandpa! 

Merlyn: Yeah, I was a little rebellious.  But I did end up marrying the lunch attendants daughter.  I had to tell him.

At the dinner table (four generations of first born men at the table):

Jeremy:You know how John George (great-great-grandfather) died?

Andy: How?

Merlyn: He had a hernia moving a pot-belly stove.

Dave: Really?

Jeremy: Yeah, he died young at 53.  Moving really heavy objects – you know, objects that resemble the big woodpile out the door there?  The ones you’ll be moving tomorrow.

From visiting my Grandma Lois in the hospital:

Grandpa Mer: (stuggling to get his scarf on in shoulders) Well, it only hurts when I try to stand or try to sit.  But once I sit and once I stand I’m fine.

Dad: You’re still in rough shape, Dad.

Grandpa Mer: I’m in great shape for the shape I’m in.

As we are leaving the hospital:

Grandma Lois: How is your knee, Dave?

Dave: It’s still there.

Grandma Lois: You take care of that knee.  I’m still your mother and I can tell you that.

Grandpa Mer: You know, at our 22nd Anniversary, she told me “I’ve been married to you now for 22 years – now I’ve taken care of you longer than your mother.  You listen to me now.”

2 Responses to “Funny quotes from the Bilhorn Family Thanksgiving”

  1. 2 Mike Parker December 23, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Your Grandpa Mer was one of the Godliest men of faith I knew we will miss him greatly! I went to the same seminary he did and had many wonderful discussions of faith and life. His love for the Lord showed in everything he did.

    I also knew he was a man of faith since he was a CUB fan and never gave up. LOL

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