How to Make a Real Inaugural Statement

Whether it’s Rick Warren giving the invocation, Gene Robinson praying, Oprah, and whoever else is going to be at the historic celebration, it’s the final cost in the coffers of costly candidating celebrations.  The costs of predefined celebrations are as follows:

  • Cost of Democratic National Convention: $120 million
  • Cost of Republican National Convention: $82 million
  • Cost of Inauguration: $40 million
  • Fed Government allocation for inauguration security: $49 million
  • Cost of 2008-09 Political Celebrations: $291 million

What can we do with $291 million? Well, I suppose we can feed the US Political Economic Machine.  I’m sure some political economist can arrange the numbers to show me how good this is for the American economy to spend this kind of money on self congratulatory parties.

$291 million could sure write a lot of nice thank-you notes like this one to our child laborers.

But what kind of inaugural statement would it make if we tackled a few of the bigger problems on the planet?

Need ideas? I have some.  Tackling these problems would make for change we can believe in, and would be an historic occasion.

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