Neither Riches nor Poverty: Food and Friendship

Several years ago I was impacted when a friend of mine transformed the way I look at the world through a simple prayer at a meal.  He prayed something along the lines of, “God, thank-you for the privilege of having the opportunity to choose what we have to eat today. We ask for you to provide for those who don’t have food.”

Another of my friends prays, “God, thanks for providing and help us to fight for justice for those who don’t have.”

It’s true. In our consumerist society, when food is plentiful and more Americans are on diets than ever, we often first think of poverty in terms of providing food and other resources.

But as this thoughtful video shows, it’s not really just about food and resources.

Over the last year as I eat with friends, I’m often asked to pray for the food (even the non-religious folks think this is still appropriate).  I have learned that we become who we are in large part because of those we call friends and family.  I now thank God for food and friendship, and to provide both for those who don’t have today. And if we tell the truth, there are more friendless people with full stomachs than we’d like to think.

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