Dear Friends and Family,

“The students are coming, the students are coming!”

Thousands of students are descending upon thousands of campuses throughout the nation.  Today, it just happens to be Northwestern.  As I am looking out the window as students are arriving at Northwestern, nervous parents in tow, I can’t help but remember back to my first days as a freshman.

Students inviting students to connect with Jesus

Students inviting students to connect with Jesus

I remember I was looking forward to a fresh start.  I remember I was going to a place where no one had ever even heard of where I grew up.  I remember I was scared, but didn’t want anyone to know.  I remember I was looking for friends who maybe could really know me, but I wasn’t sure if that would happen.

And I remember I was at a tipping point in my own walk with God.

I was tired of seeing hypocrisy among Christians.  I was a joyless Christian, who lived out of obligaion and duty.  And I basically told God, “I’m going to Chicago to start a new stage of life, God – you can come with me if you like.”

And God showed up through the lives of six ordinary and honest friends who walked along side me to show me more of who He was, who I was, and God’s calling on our lives.

I was never the same.

Thousands of students are at tipping points in their lives.  Hundreds at Northwestern University.  The first three weeks are pivotal for students as they enter a new stage of life where the choices are abundant and the opportunities are awesome.

I was encountered by a group of students who were trying to follow Jesus with integrity and invited me along the way. Because of their influence, you are reading this today.

Would you pray that students in InterVarsity do the same?  Pray that students follow Jesus with integrity, to invite new students along the way, and to pursue God together in the company of friends.

Grace & Peace,

Andrew Bilhorn

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