With Daniel Bourdanne, President of the IFES

With Daniel Bourdanne, President of the IFES

It was in April when I was contacted by a leader in my church, requesting that I serve on a delegation of Americans to attend a conference in Egypt for the student leaders and staff for the Middle East and North Africa with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.  I gladly accepted, and wondered why God had placed this opportunity in my life.

As I listened to students stories, it was clear that God had called me to remember my time from Mokattam and remember how students around the world are encountering suffering, persecution, but at the same time were experiencing stories that seemed like they were straight out of the book of Acts.

Students learning to share the gospel

Students learning to share the gospel

And me, always the trainer, listened for opportunities to see if the gifts that God had given me were able to be given.  And sure enough, I found a couple informal opportunities to help some students talk about the gospel in a way that was fresh and new.  Borrowing from the work of my colleague James Choung, I was reminded that the gospel is good news regardless of the situation.

And for my final day, I made stop with my friends in Mokattam to visit and enjoy their company.  It was a great time of sharing, laughing, singing, and enjoying the presence of each other.  God is truly at work in this part of the world.

You can look at my pictures here.

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