true-storyThis fall, I’ve walked several of my students through a book you can find in your local Christian Bookstore – True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In.  James Choung, author and friend on staff, helps his readers recover the idea of the gospel indeed being good news.  Pick it up on the shelves today!

James and I have talked of this over the years – enough for him to acknowledge me in his work. It’s exciting to see how your contributions to my ministry with InterVarsity are having a wider impact!

In an era where Christian university students are more and more marginalized, it’s imperative that they truly know the gospel of Jesus is truly good news.  The gospel is at its most powerful when its depth is grasped and lived by its followers.  Would you pray for more followers of Jesus to embody and proclaim the gospel?

encuentroAnother joy this fall was officially staffing NU’s La Fe – Latino Fellowship.  My role, like always, is to develop student leaders to lead the ministry.

La Fe is a strong but small presence at Northwestern. The students attended the first Latino student training conference in our area of the country, Encuentro, and it was a privilege to host them at my church.

Pray for God to continue multiply the efforts of La Fe to reach more and more Latino students on campus.

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