Amy (left) and Jenn celebrating what God did in ministry this year.

Amy (left) and Jenn celebrating what God did in ministry this year.

Typically when I meet students, they have usually met me after I’ve been up front speaking and they want to talk with me.

The tables were turned when I met Amy her sophomore year two years ago.  It was she who was speaking in front of a large crowd, sharing how she had decided to become a follower of Jesus during her first year through the faithful witness of friends in Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV) during EngageNU – our campus mission week.  Already a very gifted student, her conversion was deepened through her experience in InterVarsity’s Chicago Urban Program where she further understood and grasped God’s purposes for the world.

Through a quiet intensity, she shared why God’s plan was good enough news for her to make a life-altering decision to follow Jesus.  I thought to myself, “Wow, there is a student who would be great to work with.”

Little did I know that the next year, I would be assigned to work with Amy in EngageNU08 – where we put together a program to breakdown stereotypes and preconceptions of Christians by freely confessing the sins of the church in a reverse confession booth. We saw two students come to make decisions to follow Jesus that night, in what might have been the most well put together event I’ve seen on a college campus.

Then, as my staff partner in AAIV was off campus raising support, this white man from small town Wisconsin was called upon to serve the AAIV small group leaders, alongside two student leaders – one of those was Amy.  From the very start I could easily see that God gifted Amy with great gifts in Bible Study and leadership, and it was just plain fun to see her use her gifts to help small group leaders understand the scriptures for themselves to lead others.

But at the same time, she consistently reminded them of how she came to faith, and one week we saw a student come to Christ in her small group. Amy was as happy a student as I’ve ever seen.

I paused at the end of the year and realized how much can happen over the course of time in the university years. Amy heads to medical school at Northwestern in the fall, but committed to spending her summer at the InterVarsity Leadership Institute to see what God has in store for her and how she can use her career to advance God’s Kingdom.

Amy went from skeptic, to seeker, to follower, to leader, and is now headed off to be a world changer as she pursues her career in medicine.

Would you pray we see more?

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