My Two Newest Nephews - Eli & David

My Two Newest Nephews - Eli & David

Nothing but play with my nephews. No, not really.

I get asked this question a lot.  When I’m not traveling and leading teams of students, summer for me is a chance to do a lot of work I’m not able to do during the year.

This July, I’m taking a class with InterVarsity that will focus on growing our ministries.  With the greatest jump we’ve had in the last ten this year, I’d like to continue to set up InterVarsity at NU for long term growth.

I’m also taking some time off – I’m busy planning a road trip to visit sets of friends in the Western United States.  If you are interested in me visiting, give me quick email!

When I return, I have two sets of meetings with other staff where I’ll be busy planning for the fall once again.  Following that, I’ll be focusing on developing alumni funding for future generations of InterVarsity staff at Northwestern.

I’ll be training students from around the midwest in leading small groups once again, and then I’ll be making the final preparations for fall when students return to NU and we reach out for new students.

In the midst of it all, I’m grappling decisions regarding my future in speaking with senior InterVarsity leaders in this part of the country as well as others.  Please pray for me – I am at my best when my calling is secure, and I can do my best to build God’s Kingdom where I find myself.

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