Sometimes ministry happens and you don’t even try.  It’s a constant reminder that God is at work, and I’m really just along for the ride.  It’s why I’m reminded to pray.

When I think of this past year, one of the greatest delights and surprises was when a student I’d known since his freshman year decided to introduce me to Carlos.

Carlos had lived on the wild side for a season – he was a prototypical “frat-boy” in one of the leading fraternities on campus.  He and his family had a strong conversion experience, and was introduced to me through another Greek IV student and I was swept into an amazing story.

The son of Colombian and Argentine immigrants, Carlos introduced me immediately to his family when they were on campus just before Christmas break.  Sitting with his mother and father for a couple hours one evening, hearing the family’s conversion journey, it was clear that God had something special in store for Carlos.  His father was serving with his church in a missions program with Tibet, a place he never believed he’d ever travel until he encountered Jesus.

Most seniors on campus have a tendency to “check-out” of their Greek organization.  Not Carlos – he lived in, and loved his brothers deeply.  We talked about what it meant to leave a legacy on campus that would be remembered beyond him, me, or any of us.

Carlos came back to campus and began praying about starting a house ministry.  He went through some very difficult times in the winter, battling depression.  As I prayed for him, I consistently sensed some sort of break-through needing to happen.  Ministry is often the vehicle God uses not just for the healing of others, but the healing of the minister.

Carlos rebounded from winter and he planned his first few house ministries.  He launched the first house ministry in the spring and in walked eight brothers, as well as the chapter advisor.  As one brother would struggle significantly throughout the quarter with emotional and physical pain, the house ministry rallied around him and prayed for him.  I couldn’t help but see the power of the Gospel at work, and Carlos found healing in the process of bringing his brothers to Jesus.

Carlos reminded me again that it is never too late for a student.  It’s easy to give up on seniors who have made their way in the university – but some God has a special purpose for in their final year on campus.  Pray for those who may have the tendency to “check-out” and that they may leave a legacy for eternity found in the power of the Gospel.

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