President of Greek IV - Kate BellFrom Kate, our Greek IV President this year. When Kate isn’t leading Greek IV, she’s pursuing her degree in International studies and Global Health. She also spent her last two summers in Uganda and Guatemala, and in all of her spare time was crowned NU’s Homecoming Queen.

Andy and I have been partners in ministry for two years now; last year as Director of Women’s Ministry and this year as Greek IV President.  We make a pretty unlikely duo as we strategize together in the student center: I’m usually in some assortment of student sweatpants dishevelment as he, in his pre-Kellogg professional get-up chuckles at one of his large collection of corny jokes (Andy, you’re not fooling anyone here).

As oddly matched as we may be, however, Andy has been a wonderful leader and friend to me in our time together.  We seem to have an uncanny ability to be complementary to one another; somehow whenever I’m unfocused, he can pull me back – when he gets stuck on a tangent, I can wrangle him back by throwing his famous question, “what would be a successful outcome of this conversation?” right back him.

We’ve also had a few opportunities to see how we can complement one another in being a safe ear in hard times.  Whether it be through a note, an encouraging e-mail, or an affirmation over tears in the local coffee shop, we know that we’re there for each other.  Moreover, a careful balance of witty snarkiness and goal-orientation marks our one-on-one meetings, helping what could become tasks to accomplish be a fun opportunity to learn more about spiritual leadership.

I can truly say that I have been blessed by the partnership that I’ve been able to grow with Andy these past two years and that will continue – if via distance – in the future.

1 Response to “Partnership: Kate, Greek IV President”

  1. 1 brookethurman December 12, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Andy and Kate, you are both awesome. ‘Nough said. God Bless!

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