I will be staffing my third Urbana this year, and my role is very different than in past years.

Some of you may not know this, but Urbana is the largest gathering of missions agency representatives in North America. The exhibit hall – called Global Connexions – is a place where students connect with various missions agencies around the globe.

The Purpose of  Urbana 09 will is to be an eye-opening, life-transforming, commitment-producing call to join God’s Mission.  We are helping student delegates see the Mission of God as revealed in Scripture, the world for which God is concerned, and the unreached in their world.  We want to help participants live in right relationship with God with Jesus as Lord as missional Christians. Finally, we serve participants to commit to witness—in word and deed, to serve others, and to cross-cultural and global missions.

Please pray for me as I oversee the floor of the exhibit hall. I feel quite honored and humbled to be entrusted with a significant role to see God at work in providing literally thousands of folks with a connection to serve God’s purposes around the world.

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