Yes, you read that right.  This former engineer is doing his best to learn what it’s like to be an…artist.

Let’s just say the black in my wardrobe is more prominent than it once was.

I can honestly say that no two years have been the same in my time at Northwestern; this year proved no different when I got the assignment of serving with our Undergraduate Arts Fellowship.

With two student leaders, Chris and Johanna, together we’ve worked to advance a fledgling group of students who really want to see Jesus as Lord in the arts community on campus.

In strategic ministries, like Greek IV and the Arts Fellowship, we are often working by a different set of rules than typical ministries on campus.  Because we are targeting an affinity group, community often exists already among the students who live and breathe in these groups.

Where Arts Fellowship struggles with getting students to invest time to the mission of Jesus on campus.

As in Greek Ministry, we hear similar voices of “Oh, that sounds interesting! But I just don’t have time.”

There are more and more activities calling for the attention of students.  Long-term campus staff and I talk about how the campus landscape has changed, and how students are constantly wired and never take breaks.  Students are busier and busier and get less and less done.

And the still small voice of God is harder to hear in the cacophony of noise of campus.

Could you pray that students would see what it means to sacrifice their time to see what eternal significance their time can make in the lives of their friends?

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